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Most frequently asked questions people have for the Gary Leflore Civic Center are listed below. Thanks for visiting.

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• ( Q ) Do you have camper hook-ups?

( A ) Yes, we offer camper hook-ups and ample parking for cars and over-sized vehicles.

• ( Q ) How many seats are available at the Leflore Agri Center?

( A ) The Leflore Agri Center has 1,200 permanent seats, and a portable bleacher system that seats an additional 500. It offers a fully equipped sound system and complete rodeo arena.

• ( Q ) Does the Leflore Agri Center have a concessions stand?

( A ) Yes, the Leflore Agri Center offers event and manager's offices, a ticket booth, restrooms, and food and drink concessions.

• ( Q ) Are animal stalls available at the Leflore Agri Center?

( A ) Yes, we have 100 removable animal stalls available.

• ( Q ) What is the parking at the Leflore Agri Center like?

( A ) There is ample parking for cars, over-sized vehicles, and with camper hook-ups.

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